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    Post  Fiona on Sun Nov 27, 2011 10:35 pm

    Content: Farmers in Cuba will be able to sell their goods directly to tourist hotels and restaurants from 1 December 2011, the official Communist Party newspaper Granma has announced.
    Under the new rules, Cubans will not have to go through government middlemen to sell agricultural produce.
    For the first time in decades, farmers will also be allowed to take their products to market themselves.
    The farm reform follows recent moves liberalising Cuban house and car sales.
    The government said the new rules were meant to cut down on transportation costs and speed up food delivery to the tourism industry
    This aitcle is a good news for famers.It is acceptable to the pulic, famers can save both energy and money.The rules reduce famers burden, maybe more and more famers will try their best to take care of their product in order to improve output.

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